Root Canal Treatment

Just the mere words "Root Canal' used to fill the toothache sufferers with fear & dread. Root canal isNOT PAINFULL when properly performed in a tooth that has yet not reached the part of becoming a painfull emergency. RCT is needed when a tooths nerve and associated blood vessels are irreversibly damaged either by trauma or tooth decay.

This results in infection that may lead to an abscess.At Ruparelia Dental Clinic, RCT is performed by skilled hands(More than 15 years experience of Root Canal Treatment), using rotary and hand instruments, apex locator, necessary medicaments and the latest techniques for root canal cleaning, shaping and filling. Treatment may involve one or two appointments to complete the entire root canal procedure. Post RCT it is advisable to go in for a full restoration like a crown(Metal, Metal –Ceramic or All Ceramic) for the tooth.