Crowns & Bridges

Crowns & Bridges

CROWN : A crown (cap) is a covering made to restore a tooth back to health and function. When teeth are damaged from decay, weak from large old fillings, worn or broken down, post root canal treatment, crowns can be used to give you back healthy beautiful teeth.

BRIDGES : In case if a permanent tooth is lost the neighbouring teeth are affected. Because of the support and chewing forces exerted, the adjacent teeth will begin to drift. This causes further breakdown in the dental arch. Bridgework can be implemented in such cases wherein the missing tooth is replaced with the support of adjacent natural teeth.

Myth : An extracted tooth need not be artificially replaced!

Fact : A tooth however badly decayed should be tried to be saved. However, if it has to be removed, it must be replaced as soon as possible. If the tooth is not replaced, then gradually the teeth adjacent to the gap will start tilting towards this gap leading to food collection. Opposite tooth also grows down causing similar problems in the opposite arch teeth too. Therefore, a lost tooth must be replaced within maximum of 6 months not only for the aesthetic purposes but for stability of adjacent and opposing teeth and gums.